Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Great City of Sydney

My apologizes for not updating sooner. I didn’t feel like it in Sydney and then I had a paper to do, since I didn’t do it in Sydney, and I’ve finally gotten around to it.


Where do I even start with Sydney. I regret now not updating about it ever couple of days because I so much happening and I discovered so much that I’m probably going to leave out a lot and forget to mention a lot because I don’t think anyone is going to want to read a book about it. Lol


Well I will start off by saying that Sydney was simply amazing. Not only because I had my parents there with me, but because it was so cool to actually be there and experience everything that I’ve always wanted to. I’ve been seeing the Sydney Harbor and the Opera house for years, always wanting to see them for myself and I finally got to! We even went to go see some comedians, The Umbilical Brothers, at the Opera house and I think that about made my year. We took a tour of the opera house too, which was really neat. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the inside of the stages and the performance rooms and such because of copyright laws. But I got some great pictures of the outside and the hallways haha.


There were so many shops there with high heels EVERYWHERE. I’m not kidding. I’ve never seen so many stores sell so many different high heels in my life. I guess I can’t compare to like New York because I don’t remember if they had that many there, but it literally blew me out of the water. It makes sense too because it’s mostly warm there throughout the year. They’re so lucky. The weather there was about the same as it is here in Perth. (Their winter isn’t really a winter at all.) Luckily, it only lightly rained a couple of days and even though some of the days were a little chilly, for the most part it was nice outside. The shopping was great because there were so many shops. And all of their stores seemed really nice. Not run down and one mall-ish area even looked Victorian looking and was beautiful!


We stayed in the business district and everyone there wore black. Black on black on black. With a little white of course. It was really funny. But according to my friend Molly, that’s exactly how DC is. It didn’t surprise me so much but it really surprised my parents how much black they wore. I really honestly  liked the black though. And of course the other people there not working or just being tourists like us were very colorful.


We came to find out too that Sydney is one of the most expensive places in the world to live. No joke. Everything there was about 3 times the price of what it should be. For the three of us we couldn’t find a meal for under $95 when we would sit down at a restaurant. On the up side, we did discover a really great beer though. It’s called Pure Blonde and it’s excellent. It’s low carb too but you can’t tell. We didn’t even realize it until we read the bottle. I liked it, both of my parents did (Dad even wants to see if he can get it at the restaurant), and everywhere we went there was always heaps of tables drinking it. Needless to say, it’s a good beer and it’s Aussie made. ;)


I went to a Casino for the first time ever, and found that I love it! Haha I had beginners luck and won $150 the first night I was there. The other two days we went I lost but not a lot. I had a lot of fun though and it really made me want to go to Vegas when I get back in the states. See what you started mom and dad? Haha


We went to a zoo and a water museum (I forget what they are called right now). But we saw kangaroos and koalas, which are both adorable. The koalas amazed me with how they can sleep with there whole body barely attached to this tiny tree limb. They were hanging on literally by their fingernails and slept just fine. We saw a bunch of cool animals and fish. There was a tube tank and we saw HUGE sharks and fish. I saw the most poisonous snake in the world and sea horses. Australia has I think 6 of the top 8 or 10 poisonous snakes in the world. There was just so much.. OH and penguins. They were sooooo cute! I never imagined they would be that cute in person but I wanted to snatch one and take it home with me!


They had these cool markets that sold a bunch of homemade jewelry. In Australia they have a jewel called Opal, which I guess you might only be able to find here. Anyways, they were beautiful and some of the shops sold them in the jewelry they made. They also made food right there, which was really good. One stand made these shoes with patterns that the aboriginals put together. They were all unique and very original. Very fascinating.


Well, I had a WONDERFUL trip and I was so glad that my parents came down to see me. It really made my whole trip to Australia and I came back to Perth in better spirits. Everything is great here. I hope all is well in the States!

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  1. Well, lets see, both your father and I love to gamble. We've been to 9 different casinos around the world. My parents, your grandparents, went to Vegas for thier honeymoon and your Papou', your dads father, is another gambler. It's in your blood honey...ha,ha,ha.