Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aussie Slang

 I have learned so much slang in the past couple of days. Well actually all just yesterday  mostly but Aussie’s shorten EVERYTHING. I joined a group on campus called Curtin Volunteers (CV!) and so yesterday we went to a class where it was foreigners learning to speak Aussie slang. I’m pretty sure I learned almost as much as they did! Even though I hadn’t heard of a lot of them it was still really easy to figure out what they were. Some I had absolutely no idea. They had to do a worksheet and I was supposed to be able to tell them the right answers. I knew them all except 1 or 2 and eventually an Australian girl came into the room and she was told to go “help the American” (AKA me). Because I had to ask a couple of them hahaha I didn’t care though. Some of them I’ve heard before they just use them a lot more here. Here’s what I learned:


Get cracking – get working


Arvo’ – afternoon


Tute – tutorial class


How’re ya going? – How are you or what are you doing


To take the piss – means they are getting teased


No worries – don’t worry about it, your welcome, everything is good


Top paddock – the top of a barn


Flat out – very busy


Mum – mom


Prezzie – present


Ta – thank you, thanks


Coldies – beers


Chuck em’ – put them


She’ll be right mate – I’m okay (my friend)


Stubby – bottle of beer


Bloody oath! - damn right!  - not used much anymore which made me sad b/c I like it!


Snaggers – sausages


Still kicking – still cooking


Whatever ya reckon – whatever, I don’t believe you


Boon (?) – think blanket


Jumper – jacket or sweatshirt


Cheers – thank you


Getting pissed tonight – getting drunk tonight


Piss - beer


There were so many more but I don’t remember them! I hear Cheers all the time and No Worries. Mate it usually only said by guys and Sheila (pretty girl) isn’t really used anymore. Cussing isn’t as prohibited here. Teachers say Fuck and being called an Asshole is more of a teasing thing than anything serious. They also refer to beer as piss which I think is really funny. They have a lot of nicknames for all things alcohol and food related. They also shorten city names like Fremantle is Freo. They also use the term Love here.  A lot of their slang is from the British.


That’s all for now. I’m going to go read some chapters :(  



  1. aparently aussies think that beer takes like piss. cuz they call it piss.

    i agree with the aussies.

    and like all of those make me laugh. out loud lmao.

  2. How're ya going? Enjoying your blog!!
    Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time!!

    Love, Charmaine

  3. No worries mate. Mums on her way so we can go out and get pissed

  4.'re mom's comment made me laugh! I'm going to start using some of these ;)