Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I love cooking!

These past couple of days have been more interesting then I’ve expected. Yesterday in Australian Studies we learned a lot about the Indigenous People. They are sometimes referred to as the Aboriginals but I found out yesterday that you really shouldn’t call them that. The correct term is Indigenous Peoples. I never knew that the Australian government (just last year I believe) apologized to them for treating them unfairly and that they are a big issue within Australia right now. I guess they only make up about 2% of the population here but they are a huge subject. They are being able to claim lands back that they believe were taken from them as long as they can show proof of the land. They have to do things like demonstrate that they still hold their rituals and show a tie to the land. I don’t know how hard this is but I guess it’s been proven. I guess this isn’t hard for them because they don’t believe that they control or own a piece of land. They believe that they are a part of that piece of land and what happens to it also happens to them. So you can see why they are very upset about their land being taken from them. Most of the Indigenous People you see around though are not the friendliest. They yell at people and are almost seen as hobos on the streets. They are more likely to have been to prison or juvenile detention centers than whites. Just some interesting facts my teacher told us.  In my class we also watched Crocodile Dundee (spelling?) and it was a pretty funny movie. It really did portray some dead on Australian stereotypes.


            I know I have been talking about food and cooking a lot lately but I just realized today or last night that I love to cook! It doesn’t bother me at all. (Except I get a little impatient sometimes.) I don’t know if I love it just because it’s new and I haven’t done a lot of it before or if I really do just like it that much. I mean it’s kind of in my blood. OK, not kind of, it is, but… I can imagine I will be doing it a lot more when I return home :)


            Oh and Laura now loves cake it seems. She was baking one this morning at about 10 haha. I’m pretty sure she ate it for breakfast. She told me that this time she made icing for the cake but she put too much milk in it and it was really runny. She ate it anyways. She was surprised at how sweet it was.  This morning when I couldn’t remember how to make scrambled eggs I asked her if she remembered. She didn’t understand me at first and then she said that when she makes eggs she puts olive oil down first. I told her no that’s not how I make it and she was like “OH REALLY?!” I mean she was soo surprised. I told her that I think I’m supposed to put milk in it but I couldn’t remember and she was flabbergasted! Haha cooking is so different some places. OMG listen to what my Chinese roommate, who’s name I still can’t figure out how to say, eats for breakfast. He has two pieces of jellied toast and bologna and makes it into a sandwich. I know it sounds disgusting but he’s eaten it quit often.


            I went on a run this morning and right when I got back, I wasn’t even in my room yet, Laura stopped me to ask me if “I have the habit of exercise.” I understood that she meant do I exercise a lot or basically everyday. She told me that she wants at exercise partner to exercise with and I told her that I would be happy to run or walk with her whenever she wanted me too. I don’t know how often she exercises but I guess we will find out!


            Today my friends and I are going to finally go see Harry Potter. I heard it wasn’t anything amazing but I’m still pumped to go see it! It’s $14 over here for a movie. Can you believe that? It better be good. 


  1. It is a good movie! and you called and asked me how to make eggs, REMEMBER haha jp. and I am glad you like cooking, cuz either you gotta marry a cook or do it yourself sista!

  2. Hi Alexandria---
    Your posts are great---keep them coming. You hit a soft spot with me in talking about the Indigenous Peoples of Australia. Unfortunately it mirrors what occurred with the Indigenous Peoples of No. & So. America (in the USA---the Native Americans, as some like to be called, or Indians, whereas in Canada they like to be called First People or Frist Nation). It seems all of them have had land taken from them, suffer from a higher degree of poverty, unemployment, substance abuse & the concommitant problems those situations bring. Their histories are fraught with oppression. You are having the kind of "special" education that only travel can bring and it seems to be accentuated when one is fortunate enough to have lived in another environment. Enjoy, learn & experience all you can---I would have loved to have your experience.
    Auntie Ginny

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  4. Hi Honey, The kitchen is yours when you get back home. I hear it calling your name...lol. Feel free to develop and test your cooking skills at will. I'm excited to witness this new found love of yours:) {{{hugs}}} and kisses, Mauh!

    P.S. Yes, a little milk in with the eggs makes them light and fluffy.