Friday, July 24, 2009

Chocolate and Wine..yummy!

Yesterday we went on a wine tasting tour, which included going to a chocolate factory. I never thought I liked wine but that could be because I only tried red wine. Well I still don't like red wine but white wine can actually be good! Well at least really expensive white wine can be. I don’t know if I can promise the same opinion for cheap wine haha. We went to three different places and one place had a case for about $1200! And I learned that even expensive red wine is gross. Except I tried a light red wine.. it was called Rose and I liked that! 

They were EVERYWHERE!!

Sara and I with all the barrels

Not only did I learn that I like white wine, I found out that I do not like bitter beer. Last night we went to The Tav on campus because they were having a big party for all the international students and just like a back to school party. Well I saw they had a beer called Little Creatures on tap and I thought it looked interesting so I thought I would try it. Bad idea. The beer was awful and not cheap. My friend Patrick liked it though and he said it tastes kind of like Heineken. So I guess I don’t like Heineken either.



Had to get a picture with all of them!

 On the wine tour Sara and I meet two guys from California who were really nice. It’s really amazing how many Americans I am meeting here. I feel like about 50% of the people I’m meeting are American. The guys said that last semester there was like a total of 4 Americans on campus and this semester there are so many!

         Overall though the wine tasting was a good experience and the chocolate factory, common how could that not be good? I’ve never seen chocolate made before and they were making chocolate covered apricots, which I didn’t think sounded good but they let us sample them and they are! They let us sample other chocolates and fudge too which was really good. I know I could try things like wine and chocolate covered apricots in America, but I love going to foreign countries because it’s so much fun to try new things that you wouldn’t normally eat. I think it’s just so much fun! Supposably this area (near Margaret River) is known for having the best wine in Western Australia. So I was happy to try that.



Anyways I’ve learned so much about China that I never thought I would know. It’s fun having a Chinese roommate. I mean she can talk for hours straight I’m pretty sure but she’s really sweet and very informative. Like today I found out not only do they have KFC there but it’s really popular! She said mostly students our age eat it of course but I guess it’s not cheap like it is in the States. She said they could go to a restaurant and eat for about 10 or 15 of their money but it KFC would be about 30! That completely shocked me! Isn’t that crazy? I also found out that at their universities they have community showers. No individual ones. Also the dialects and accents are so different throughout China that individuals from Northern and Southern China cannot understand each other at all. They have to speak the common Mandarin dialect to be able to communicate. That surprised me too because I figured they would be able to understand each other a little but nope not at all. I’m learning so much about other cultures here it’s fascinating!

         Omg and today we went to a footie game played by like semi professional team and there were some pretty hardcore fans. You know how there are those fans that are either ridiculously drunk or just love to yell at the field? Well there were a couple of those there and it was so funny to hear them yell in their accents. One guy was even unhappy with a call and started yelling “You’re a Greek! Your nothing but a Greek!” but not in a good way. I have no idea what he meant by that but it made me sad because obviously he isn’t giving Greeks a good name :( I know it’s heartbreaking.

         Even though it took us forever to get there and we started to go towards the wrong side of town first, we finally made it to the game and it was a good time. They call Footie football here. But it’s nothing like football. First of all Footie players are in WAYY better shape then some football players. They are all muscular and very cute J haha no really though they run an average of about 12.5 miles a game and they don’t wear any padding at all! It’s a crazy sport and I guess if you play here and are really good you are like a god. It’s huge here. But we did get lost on the way there and we had about 3 people helping us on the bus we were on, including the bus driver and he was radioing other people. It was actually really funny. 

Well that's all that I can think of right now. I'm sorry these are so long. Maybe I should post more posts so they aren't so long. There is just so much I always want to say though!


  1. Lexi, very interesting. It's nice that you have some American friends there, and I'm sure it makes a big difference.


  2. Alexandria your posts are not to long at all. I love the pictures to go with the story. First of all, what do you mean when Chinese have community showers? Boys & Girls together? Also, you have to find out what that guy meant by saying, "You'r a Greek." Was he implying that Greeks can't play footie? It would have upset me too. Love your Blogs! =)

  3. I have no idea what he meant by "your a Greek". It sounded like he meant Greeks weren't very nice or that they are always cheating. However the community showers is like what you would have in a gym. Where it's just a big open room with a lot of faucet heads. Where everyone can see eachother and no boys and girls are separate. :)