Friday, July 31, 2009

Classes Here Are Sweet

So I kept meaning to update sooner then this but I guess I just never got around to it. Well I officially only have classes on Monday and Tuesday, which means a 5 day weekend for me! :D Which is funny because it’s completely opposite of what classes are supposed to be like, but hey I’m not complaining. I do have an online class though so that will be taking up more time outside of the classroom anyways. I’m really not worried about my work load this semester though because all of my classes should be counting towards my degree or minor in some way at Ohio State so I’m happy to be taking them. And they don’t seem ridiculously hard or anything.


            My planetary science teacher didn’t show up for class it seems because he thought it was on a different night than it actually was. They originally moved the lecture time but thank goodness they changed it back!


            I have gotten a lot closer with my flatmates in the past couple of days. My flatmate Laura is always around. I guess someone who works here told her that it wasn’t safe for Asian girls to go outside after dark so she never leaves the flat past about 5 or so unless she is with someone else. She is always coming up and asking me questions and talking to me every time I see her. I enjoy hanging out with her because she teaches me so much.


Sadly, I found out that her parents aren’t that close to her at all and she completely enjoys being away from them. She told me she was an only child and that her parents were very strict with her. I asked her if she misses home at all and her response was, “oh no! I don’t miss home at all. My parents were very strict with me and so I like it here because they aren’t here and I can do what I want.” Lol I guess she was an only child and she was never allowed to date, hang out with her friends much (which she didn’t have many of) or do anything fun besides study really. She said her parents and her don’t get along very well and she rarely even ever joked around with them. It really surprised me and made me feel bad for her simultaneously. I mean she was like, “you know how you and your mom are supposed to be close and tell her your secrets? I wasn’t close with my mother and I couldn’t tell her many of my secrets.” :( So sad! But to say the least, she loves it here and that’s good!


Luke on the other hand has taught me a lot about Australia. Like how before I was telling you about how students are less motivated here. Well I asked Luke about it and he told me why. He says that because an employee doesn’t look at your GPA when hiring. They only thing they really look at is if you have a degree and maybe to check and see that you have taken some important classes. Other than that they really don’t look at anything else. Then I explained to him how things in America aren’t really that simple and how we are required to do really good a lot and he was like “ya it’s really a lot simplier here.” GREAT! Lol


So I haven’t been exploring much lately because of classes and everything but hopefully that will change this weekend. Actually I forgot. I went to the Tav Wednesday night because they had a huge party. There really was A TON of people there and they supposedly had one of the best bands around playing live there. Which they were pretty good but I wouldn’t say they were awesome. Then again I didn’t know all of the songs. However, it was a pretty good time because I got to see most of my friends that I have made.


OMG!! I found out too that basically no part of Australia has wireless internet. They just within the last year got satellite internet (not sure what that means) and they are just now or like JUST got mobile internet. Which is were if you have mobile service you also have internet service. It’s something you plug into your computer.  You also have to pay everywhere for your internet. They don’t offer free internet anywhere in Australia. That kinda stinks huh?


The weather here has been pretty nice though. It’s gotten up to about 65 or 70 everyday so I haven’t really had to wear a jacket lately. Just a long sleeve shirt or maybe a sweatshirt when I go outside. After the sun sets is a different story but it makes for a great day! 


That’s all I got for now. I know this post was boring but nothing super exciting has happened lately. I hope everyone is doing well! 


  1. That's right, see how wonderful, open and free-willed your parents are. Now, stop talking to your flatmates, get off the internet and go study. What, you think your over there for

  2. Lex, read your mom's comment above one more time...this is why I love your mother. period. -Katie C