Monday, July 20, 2009

I learned so much today

Well today was the first day of orientation for the student exchange and some study abroad students. I didn't know who to expect but it was very interesting. When I walked into the room I could just tell there were students from everywhere. Besides being able to tell where the Asian looking students were from, I really couldn't pin-point out where each individual student would be from. I thought I would have an idea and then it would be different than what I expected. It made me almost happy that I couldn't tell because to me it just made it seem like we could all get along better that way.

It's really funny because I have people coming up to me saying things like "your American aren't you?" and I always reply yes and ask them how they can tell. I had an Australian tell me it was easy because of my accent. I have never been told I have an accent before and it took me completely by surprise! I mean I have been told I have a little accent like how I talk is different than how Michigan people talk but this was a different feeling. I almost felt a little hurt like I didn't belong and I completely understand how foreigners feel when they come to our country. Be very careful when you tell people they have an accent. It really is hurtful a little.

I had some people from England and Sweden come up to me today and be like "your from America". The American accent must be really easy to recognize because as soon as i start talking most people now where I am from. Sadly, I am not gifted with the talent of voice recognition. I always have to ask people where they are from because most of the time i don't recognize the accent :( Hopefully my skills will improve though.

After orientation they took us to the tavern on campus. They have two (i think) taverns here on campus where they sell food and alcohol and everyone here, including the staff, love them. At least the one we went to today is very popular and I hear about it all the time. The drinking age here is 18 and honestly I'm glad. Because they don't really hide alcohol here since most college students are of age. And since they just make alcohol a social part of everyday life it doesn't seem like people are really into getting completely wasted all the time. I think it will be nice. Hopefully that doesn't change but we will see.

The weather here has been really crappy lately because it's been doing nothing but rain mostly but it's ok. It's making me clean my room haha

A couple of hours ago my to friends, Sara and Mollie, came over to watch a movie and after the movie my Japanese roommate introduced himself to them. He's really nice and a normal guy. But you know how those awkward silences come up when people don't really now each other well and you feel like you should say something but you don't know what to say, so you just don't say anything. And then everyone just kind of stands there in silence for a minute before someone can think of something to say? Well that happened a lot when he was talking to us lol. and it was fine but I think it was because he just couldn't tell when the conversation was basically over. Like a normal person can tell when the conversation is over and they will leave. He totally had no idea I guess. I mean I have only met my roommate about 2 times but I thought he was acting weird. Later I come to find out that he was nervous to talk to the three of us. He told me that he has never talked to three girls at once before with just himself. He said he was so nervous his knees felt shaky. That about broke my heart <3 

Omg and get this. He came into the kitchen to make food because he was hungry from studying. I was surprised because classes hadn't started yet and I didn't know he was taking summer classes. So I asked him if he was taking summer classes and he said no and that he was just preparing for the coming semester!! what?! I'm surprised my mouth didn't fall open. I don't even know what books I need, let alone have bought them. I knew Asian cultures were different and i have heard that that is common but it still completely shocked me. 

On food labels here they don't give you things in calories. It's in kJ or kilojoules. And I had no idea how much that was so I learned that 1 calorie = 4.128 (or something close) kJ. They also call it Energy and not Calories.

I would also just like to say for the record that when I went to cross the street today I automatically looked to the right side of the road first and not the left :) Yay! I'm conforming lol


  1. I'm so glad you found some American friends. They must feel like a little bit of home when your in a foriegn country. Kiss and {{{hugs}}}, Mauh!

  2. ahhh that japanese guy sounds soo funny! he hadnt talked to three girls at once and now he's living with girls! lol and preparing for the semester? wow... no wonder asian people tend to be so smart!

  3. Lexi, How wonderful a tale about Australia - love the stories. Yiayia