Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Classes Here Are Amazing

So I’ve had a very eventful day today. Classes started yesterday and when I think about it I have only been on summer vacation for about a month and a half but starting classes so soon here hasn’t bothered me. They do scheduling classes very different here. Like at Ohio State we are on quarters and we have the same class AT LEAST twice a week if not everyday. Well here they are not only on semesters but they have two, one week breaks throughout their semester. The classes I have I only have once a week. For example, I’m taking a planetary science class here and it’s only for 2 hours once a week. At Ohio State it would be at least twice a week for about 2 hours probably. It’s really great here to say the least lol The classes also don’t seem as stressful even though yesterday was verry stressful for me.

            For the only class I have twice a week, International Management, I had both classes yesterday. (It’s a lecture and then a smaller group session to talk more in detail.) Well at first it seemed like there was a lot for the class and then they were talking about having weekly turn in assignments and I had no idea what they were talking about. And I couldn’t find the book anywhere and we have to do things in groups, which could be good or bad. Now that I look back on it, it really wasn’t a lot I think I was just really overwhelmed with classes because it finally hit me that classes are starting. 

However, today was MUCH better. I had my Australian Studies class today, which is going to be the best class ever! We get to learn all about Australia, the good and bad and we get to go on excursions!!  They are taking us on 4 class trips and only international students are allowed to take the class so I’m going to meet so many different people. I already have but I will get to meet more! I’m soo excited for this class. I almost wish it was more than just once a week. The only grades for that class are a couple of papers about our excursions and one comparing our culture to Australian culture. So it’s going to be a cake class to say the least :)

Then for my planetary science class the teacher didn’t show so that was nice! And I even made a friend while waiting around. Actually I have made a friend in all of my class so far so I always have someone to talk to in the class. Which will make classes less boring and more interesting. All of my friends so far have been Australian too and I always ask them questions about Australia but they don’t seem to mind.

It’s weird because the students here seem like they are so unmotivated. I mean in my International Management class we did an ice breaker. And of course I was from the furthest away and the only exchange student. But we had to say what we wanted in the class. Well I’m not kidding at least 75% of the students just said they wanted to pass and get credit for the class. An A here is called High Recognition or something like that and of course that’s what I said I wanted :) I was so shocked though that so many said that I literally think my mouth dropped open.

I realized I’m learning so much here that I can’t even begin to put it all in words. Like I have never been comfortable around many Asian people but now I enjoy talking to them! I think they are so interesting. I was helping my roommate today with her English. She called a movie series a movie season, which isn’t completely wrong I guess but I corrected her and talked to her about it some more and I loved it! I think it’s fun to help people do stuff like that. I really wish I spoke another language fluently so I could do that all the time!

When I was walking back from class I saw my friend Ivana sitting out on her balcony with some people and she invited me up. She was talking with 4 Australians who were all very nice. They totally made me feel like I knew them for quit a while and it seemed like they all knew each other pretty well. Well I come to find out later that they didn’t and Ivana just invited them to her flat and they all got to know each other. I don’t even think all of the Australians knew each other. It just made me realize how friendly people here are and how they aren’t so reserved and so willing to make new friends. Really it’s super easy to make friends here and I’m really enjoying it!

Oh! And I might only have classes on Monday’s and Tuesday’s so then I will have a 5 day weekend! Some of my friends don’t think it’s a good idea because they are like, “what are you going to do?”. But honestly, I think it will be great! I don’t know for sure yet though because I can either take a class that I already have credit for on Wednesday mornings or an online creative writing class that I don’t have credit for yet. I will probably end up doing the online class but I don’t know for sure yet.

Oh interesting fact. The word Bastard isn’t really a swear word here. They call each other that and sometimes it can be used in a mean way but not always. My teacher also used the word fuck today and didn’t bat an eye. They cuss here like it’s no one’s business. I’m starting to here a lot of the slang and I like I think it’s so much fun!

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  1. Five day weekend...lol. Well, you won't run short on time for shopping and sight seeing.