Monday, October 5, 2009

Best Trip Ever!!

Omg where to even begin.


We had to leave our flats at 6 in the morning for the taxi to take us into downtown Perth. The trip was meeting at 6:45 but we didn’t end up leaving till about 7:30. We were lucky enough to have a brand new bus but at about 8:00 we had already broken down twice. At 8:01 set out again and at 8:01 we broke down again. Literally I’m pretty sure we were on the road for a full 30 seconds haha. But Peter (our guide) seemed to be somewhat of a mechanic so he fixed it and we were on our way!


 The first thing we did was stop at the Pinnacles desert. From pictures and whatnot I always thought it was just a place with a couple of rock looking things that and you could just simply look at them. Well all of the pictures I must have been looking at were very misleading. It’s literally a desert of them! There was soo many! It completely took me off guard. And surprisingly there is even like a little museum you can go into and look around before you go see the Pinnacles. It tells you about them and how they think they might have been formed. According to the museum they think they were either trees that have been destroyed and then were made into rocks somehow (I forget the term they used) or that they are just deposits of the earth and were simply made. All of them aren’t uncovered either. Hills cover a lot of them and they don’t go digging them up they just wait for the land to expose them. So they were between hills and they kind of did look like rock trees but not all of them. Anyways there were some in really funny forms and they were really cool to look at.


After Pinnacles I’m pretty sure we stopped at a beach to eat lunch. Just about everyday for lunch we had sandwiches and it was funny because they lettuce we used had sand all in it. It was funny because you would eat your sandwich and then hear yourself crunching sand, even though I really couldn’t taste it. The last day thought we had a Sausage Sizzle, so that was fun After lunch, or maybe before, pretty sure after though, we went sand boarding! It was sooo much fun! At first I was hesitant because I thought it would be a lot different or harder then snow boarding and even though it’s not the same, it’s basically the same. You don’t go as fast, I mean you still go fast but you tend to go more to one side also. They hill wasn’t very big and people were definitely leaning. The first time I went down I didn’t go fast at all because I didn’t put any wax on the bottom of the board, and you need to do that I guess. The second time I loaded the stuff on and I FLEW. Molly, Sara, and I were racing and even though I got a push, I didn’t need it. I was at the bottom when they were about half way down. I might have started a tad bit earlier too though but the wax definitely works lol You are supposed to sit in a Titanic pose (when Rose has her arms out the side in the front of the boat) and if you start to drift to one side put your hand down to straighten you out. Well I did good and went straight the whole way down :) And at the end I almost got pummeled by Sara but funny enough Molly crashed and burned before she could reach me. Haha  Definitely good times. On the other side of the sand dunes was the Indian Ocean too. It was tiring walking up and down the dunes but definitely worth it!!


That night we stayed in a hostel. And it was always how I pictured a hostel. Big rooms and not so nice. I mean it wasn’t horrible but bunk beds and everything. It wasn’t bad though and we barbequed out on the grill that night. There was another group there with the same company we were on and their guide helped us cook because Peter (ours) claimed, “If I cook you’ll all end up sick and with the runs”. Haha so we always had to cook ourselves. But that night we were making Teriaki chicken and we put everything on the Barbie. I mean even the noodles lol. He just threw it all on there and cooked it and it was actually pretty good! That night we slept with 9 in a room and some people snored on our trip so it was a little hard to sleep and it was cold but tolerable.


On my trip there was people from everywhere. Most of the people were older too or my age. There was a guy from Poland, he was about 27. A couple from Poland, who were in their early thirties I think. 6 people from Germany, four girls and two guys. They were all my age or a couple years older. Two of the girls are actually au pairs here in Perth so I think we will be hanging out a little. They were so nice! One guy from Mexico. Three girls from England.  Two other American girls besides my group (Me, Molly, Sara and Patrick). And one Aussie! The whole group got along GREAT! I’m pretty sure everyone was bummed about it ending. Some of us got together the night we got back and hung out for a little bit because most people are leaving. The Auz is from the Perth area though so I think we are going to hang out with him too. It really was a great trip because of the people! I will update more on the other days later because I don’t want this post to take 100 years to read. And I have to go to class :( I will say though that this trip definitely didn’t make me want to do school work anymore.


Love you all <3

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