Friday, October 30, 2009

Done with regular classes! :D

I’m going to attempt for this blog to be somewhat short, because right now I’m REALLY tired and I have to get up at 4 to catch my 7:00 plane. My goal is to go to bed at midnight and I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. Anyways, I finished all the schoolwork for my classes today, FINALLY!! Now all I have left to do it study for one midterm that’s in about two weeks and edit the crap out of my short story that I wrote. I got another grade back from that class and I’m not happy with it. I would normally go on a rant about this stupid professor and the fact that I think he hates me because I’m American and don’t spell things with unnecessary u’s. But I’m trying not to think of things that will stress me out, because I’m trying to relax, so no CW talk for tonight.

            On the bright side, in my Planetary Science class I got 100% for the class!! I wrote my final essay on the rings of Saturn because NASA found a new ring and I thought he would like it. Well he loved it. Said it was the best essay he’s read on the rings and even forgave me for not mentioning the Australian theory he threatened all students should talk about. (Which I remember right when I was about to turn it in so I threw in a sentence, obviously that wasn’t enough.) So that completely made my day on Tuesday!

            The past couple of days I have mostly just been living the in the library trying to get all of these papers done and assignments finished because this week was the last week of school. Yay!

            I’m really not sure on what to update right now. Oh I remember one thing I wanted to talk about. Another Laura story. So I was cooking dinner in the kitchen and there was a pizza laying on the table. Well I didn’t think it was Laura’s because she was eating chicken so I opened the box and looked in just to see if anything was there. Because my flatmates have a bad habit of leaving food out, so of course there was still pizza in there. I continue on making my dinner and then Laura puts her chicken away and pulls out a tube of ketchup. She then grabs the pizza and loads the ketchup on top of it, and I mean GLOBS it on. Pretty sure there was an equal ratio of cheese to ketchup on this pizza. I don’t know what possessed her to put ketchup on a pizza but she did. And then she told me that she was taking it over to her friend’s house to share. What?! Chinese people have the weirdest eating habits. I told Molly about this and she thought that maybe there wasn’t sauce on the pizza and she was just making up for the sauce. But I’m pretty sure there was sauce on it and ketchup is different then tomato sauce. She then pointed out that here they call ketchup tomato sauce so maybe she got confused. I thought that might be a possibility but they are different too so I’m sure they call pizza sauce something like pizza sauce to distinguish the two. We can’t figure it out and I didn’t ask. She left in a hurry haha

            Humm I think I’m currently too tired to think of anything else interesting to write. But I wanted to update before I left to tell you all that I won’t be updating for over a week. I won’t return back here until Saturday afternoon Ohio time. I will try and journal while I’m over there though so I don’t forget anything! I should be studying while I’m over there, but I will do that too, maybe. Haha I love you all and I wish you well! <3

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