Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rottnest Island

Today I got to go to Rottnest Island! It's an island here that is pretty popular. There isn't a lot to do there but the island has a couple shops and lots of beaches :) It's really gorgeous b/c the water is really clear and they have these animals called Quokkas and they look like a cross between an enormous rat and a kangaroo. They have like a rats tail but they walk like a kangaroo does. They put their front paws down first and then hop their back ones forward. They kind of remind you of a possum (sorta) but they are friendlier. They actually let you touch them. I mean one we found ran away but another one was walking around benches and tables picking up food and you could pet it. Another was sleeping right in a dirt patch in the middle of the shops and when I touched it, it didn't jump or anything. Mostly we just laid out on the beach all day and my face is SOO red! I match my Ohio State shirt. No joke. It was nice though to finally get some sun! Maybe too much sun, but oh well ;)

Friday night a group of us went to eat at a place called Little Creatures. They brew their own beer there called Little Creatures and it's not bad. Well the blond kind isn't. Another kind I tried was really bitter and just awful. Blah. Then we went to see the movie Couple Retreat and it wasn't bad. Kinda predictable and slow but it was nice to see a movie since I haven't seen one in so long. OH!! I found out too that I will be in New Zealand (yes I'm vacationing there :D) when New Moon comes out. New Moon is the second movie to the first, Twilight. They are based off of a series of books. I know all of you probably know about them but incase you didn't. Anyways I'm super excited about it b/c here and there it comes out Nov 18 while it comes out Nov 19 in the States!! YAY!! I get to see it a whole 24 hours before all my friends! haha I'm so excited! It will just make New Zealand  so much better. 

So all my vacations are booked and here is my schedule. Bali the week before finals (two weeks away!). Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef the last week of finals b/c Molly and I are both done with finals then :) (A month away from yesterday) and New Zealand after that! (Nov 23 - Dec 1). Then Dec 1 is when I depart on a plane back home to see all of your wonderful faces again :) 

Love you all <3

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