Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Hell of a Week

 So much has happened recently I don’t even now were to begin. I also haven’t finished writing about my trip yet. I have been so busy lately it’s really running into my great mood that I have had here. Well when I got back I realized that an assignment was due on the day I got back and the turn in time was before I even got back into the city. I emailed my teacher though and told him that I had been gone a week and couldn’t find anywhere what date it was due before I left. He just said thanks. I hope it’s not a lot of points off. Then last Sunday (wow it’s really been that long since I updated?) I remember I had an assignment due Tuesday. So I was up until about 5 in the morning Monday finishing that. Ok enough with boring stuff....


Wednesday my new Aussie friend Chris (yes the one from the blog before for those of you who know). Actually I’m going to talk about my previous blog a little before I go into this story. My previous blog I know I said I was embarrassed. I’m really not embarrassed by those of you who I know read my blogs. Like Yiayia and Papou, Yiayia, Aunt Mary, my parents , sisters and good friends. It’s just that my blog is public (I guess I could change it but I don’t think I want to, thinking about it though) and I don’t know who reads it. I guess I should have just said I don’t want certain people to catch what I say. Then I would be embarrassed. I have no problem sharing that information with most of you and I’m glad most of you thought it was the best part of my blog. I thought it was too... of course it was because it was the only part that had to do with feelings. Those are always the most interesting ;)

Anyways, Wednesday Chris showed us this club place in downtown Perth. It was called Carnegie’s and it was so cool! It was Wednesday night so they had half priced cocktails and a whole menu of drinks. This menu was like 3 pages long. Things like Long Islands, Georgia Peachs, and even a lot of drinks I’ve never heard of but they were good too :) Chris brought a friend and our German friend Weibke met us there so there were about 7 of us. We would buy drinks and let each other try them because we’ve never heard of a lot of them. They played music and we drank, sang and danced all night long! I don’t know if it’s because guys were with us or because it’s just not common here, but we were on the dance floor for about half the night and no guys came and danced up on us or anything like that with any of us girls. I wasn’t really paying attention but I didn’t see it happen anywhere all night. There was one guy who asked Patrick if we were dating though and when Patrick said no the kid asked me to dance. I said no because he looked about 15 and i just did not want to dance with him at all but the point is that I didn’t feel grossed out all night and the one time a guy would have danced he asked. I think that’s great! I HATE going to clubs and bars on campus at OSU because guys always come up to you and just start dancing with you and most of the time I don’t want them to! I like just dancing to be fun not anything gross like they do. They sing too but not like they do in Australia. I’m pretty sure we sang just as much if not more than we danced. I just absolutely loved it! I want to go back again!

Friday night was Oktoberfest. I guess Oktoberfest like originated in Germany and for those of you who’ve never heard of it, it’s just a big drunken party. It was put on by a student organisation that puts it on every year through campus. They had 5,000 tickets and sold out of tickets. This thing was HUGE. Everyone upon entry got a free stein and they had two different bands playing. We pretty must stayed at the German band the whole night because even though we couldn’t tell what they were saying, we ilked their music and they were the funniest to dance to. We weren’t really sure how you danced to them so we just jumped up and down and kicked our legs. It was a ridiculously good time. Only Molly, Patrick and I went because Sara doesn’t drink so she didn’t want to go. Which I don’t understand because she goes out with us to bars and stuff and like Wednesday she had one drink but when it comes to the biggest and best party of the year she doesn’t want to go? Confusing. Anyways, it was one of my favourite nights here by far. Carnegie’s is my second. We met up with our friend Drew and the four of us just had a blast. Everyone that I’ve ever met on campus was there and even people that I really haven’t ever talked to before I made conversation with lol. There was a German guy to there that we met who barely spoke any English at all. We didn’t talk to him for long haha

Yesterday Patrick, Molly and I went to Freo to go to their markets. I got a henna tattoo on my right wrist and I loooove it! The girl who did mine had a tree on her right hand and for some reason lately I love trees. So I fell in love with it but I wanted something small just to begin with. So I got the Hindu symbol for meditation, relaxation and like worship. It’s pretty and I love it! I never would get a real tattoo and this lasts about 3 weeks so I’m very happy with it. I was thinking about looking up how to make the henna so I could give myself tattoos whenever I wanted. I’m sure it can’t be that hard to mix together. It turns out brown instead of black too so I think it looks better.

Hanging out with Molly and Patrick so much lately has really made us closer I think. We seem to be getting along very well and I just love it! I brought it up yesterday to them but I think one of the reasons I’m so happy here is because I’m hanging out with guys more. Back at home I never hang out with guys. I find it hard and just an annoyance basically. But here I would say 50% of my friends are guys. And for some reason, very recently, I’ve been talking and hanging out with more guys then girls or about even. I talk to Chris and Patrick just about every day and I love it. Guys carry so much less drama than girls do and they just seem to be in happier moods naturally more than girls do. I think I easily feed off of guys positive energy and that’s one of the reasons I’m so happy here. They don’t bring up stupid topics or gossip a lot. They just want to have fun. And I love it! I’m making it a goal of mine to start making more guy friends when I get back to the states. I’m sick of always hanging out with girls haha I will say though that Molly never gets on my nerves. She’s too easy going to be any kind of annoying :)

Well I was up till like 5 again last night working on some assignments. I still have some more to do. For my Creative Writing class we have to start a rough draft of our story and I’m not sure what I want my story to be. So I need to start working on that. I have a couple of ideas but none seem good enough so I need to get cracken! Oh and did you know that they sent a missile to the moon? They were trying to create dust to see if they could find water and stuff.. I guess they did. I wonder what future findings this will bring! Love you all!! <3


  1. I would love to see your Henna tatoo. Can you post a picture? That sounds like so much fun!

  2. I would but I don't have a camera :( I will try and get one of my friends to take it though!