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Review: Blood Warrior (Alexa Montgomery #1)

Title: Blood Warrior (Alexa Montgomery #1)
Author: H.D. Gordon
Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goodreads Summary:
When her home is attacked by muderous vampires, 17-year-old Alexa is forced to leave her mother for dead in order to save her sister. She soon learns that she is the last known member of an elite race of supernatural Warriors, and is thrust into a world full of vampires and werewolves who all seem to regard her as some sort of savior. Meanwhile, Alexa battles a monster within herself that seeks to gain control; a monster that seeks blood.

The hidden city she kinds herself in appears perfect, but Alexa's instrincts tell her that all is not right within its walls. When she is asked to attend a school of fighters, whose exams consister of gladiator-style competitions, she must decide who she can trust among the smiling faces. And, when she meets Kayden, a vampire she feels undeniably drawn to, she must decide if she can trust herself.

My Take:

I really liked this book. A lot! Sorry this review is a bit long!

In the beginning, things were a uncomfortable for me. I honestly thought I was going to get a mentally & emotionally damaged character because there seemed to be some abuse happening. Luckily, that was not the case. The main character is Alexa and I was just as mad as she was in the beginning because we had no idea what was going on. Throughout the story you learn things just as she does and since she's been kept in the dark about everything, it was frustrating to watch her do things and not understand why. It keeps you interested though!

Alexa is a strong character, very strong, and sometimes her head gets in the way. I just wanted to shake her at some parts! Alexa is dealing wiith finding out who she is (the last sun warrior ever!), the death of her mother, and all the boy attention she is receiving! Luckily, for Alexa, she has her sister, Nelly, and Kayden to ease some of that fire. 

Oh, KAYDEN! Kayden is a tough cookie, and he's pretty BA, but he's also not at the same time. He's a great combo of a good guy and a bad guy if you ask me (AKA = PERFECT!). 

The suspense is great because most of the time we don't know what's going on and when we finally get the hang of things, new things keep popping up! For me Alexa took some things a little too easily - like going to school. It surprised me how easily she adapted to her completely different life. Nelly did too, but I think I kept picturing Nelly as so much younger, even though she was only a year younger. Maybe it was just because her personality wasn't very strong yet.

As soon as Alexa and her crew where taken into the city, Two Rivers, I was transfixed just as Alexa was. A whole new world for them and us! A place where two warriors duke it out just for show? A society where they don't even value their warriors lives, they just want them for protection and entertainment? Ya, different and enticing!

I do have to mention that I thought the book resembled to Vampire Academy a lot. I've only read three of their books but the similarities seemed to be hitting me in the face as I read this (I just read them recently too so that could be why). I won't get into how, but I do want to say that this didn't take from the story for me! This book had a lot of it's own originality. Things characters can do in this series, you wouldn't see in VA. There are more different races/species in this series than the other. I also have to point out that I like Kaydem more than I like Dimitri!! So if you liked Dimitri. Just wait for Kayden!! 

I also have to let Jackson have his piece. Jackson is Alexa's best friend, a werewolf, and he likes her. You can tell right from the beginning he does. And I liked him too! He's actually allowed to go to school within the same city as the warriors and searchers (both are vamps). If something happened to Kayden I would be perfectly OK if Alexa ended up with Jackson. 

This book was good. Really good. I will definitely be reading the next in the series. I thought it was already out so I was so angry yesterday when I found out it wasn't. Please get here soon! 

I'd also like to thank Nicole Marie for suggesting this book to me! Great pick :D

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