Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review: Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy #3)

Title: Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy #3)
Author: Richelle Mead
Rating: 4.25 of 5 stars

Goodreads Summary:
Is Rose's fate to kill the person she loves most? It's springtime at St. Vladimir's Academy, and Rose Hathaway is this close to graduation. She has dark flashbacks in the middle of practive, can't concentrate in class, and has terrifying dreams about Lissa. but Rose has an even bigger secret... She's in love with Dimitri. And this time, it's way more than a crush. Then Strigoi target the academy in the deadliest attack in Moroi history, and Dimitri is taken. Rose must protext Lissa at all costs, but keeping her best friend safe could mean losing Dimitri forever...

In my personal opinion, this isn't a very good description of the book. It skips SO much inbetween!

My Take:
Blind-sighted. That's the best word I have for this novel. Everyone in the story, including myself, were completely caught off guard. I thought something like this would happen, but THAT? 

Rose and everyone else are back at the academy. Rose starts seeing things and she isn't completely sure they are real. She's keeping things in and trying so much to help Lissa, that it's starting to drive her crazy. Literally. And her temper tantrums aren't what I'm talking about. We see those too, but things are different this time. 

Lucky for me, and Rose, the love story in this book intensifies. I have to admit that I thought something that happened between them kind of caught me off guard. But I'm glad it happened.

The rationalization of why help couldn't have been offered at one point has me second guessing how much I thought Richelle was following a try story and not making things go in her favor. Like when something could obvious go the good way, but the author makes some lame excuse as to why things can't go smoothly. Or even the opposite, when things go too smooth when they shouldn't have. I got a hint of that in this book, and it bothers me.

Rose's character develops through the roof in this book. She did a lot of growing up in the last book, but this one, she does even more. She feels like such a different character than the first book and even she realizes it. I have to say I like this Rose much better. 

The instances with the queen were amusing. I thought what happened with her would fill future books, but now I'm not so sure. Adrian and Christian full some pretty great scenes and we get to hang out with Christian more, which I always like! 

I read someone else say something along the lines of how after the ending of this book, they couldn't see how anything could fall into place for Rose's future, and I have to agree. I can't either :/ I know Richelle can make it happen because author created their own world, I just hate it when they break their own rules, or make exceptions of their characters. I think that might happen soon and I'm really not looking forward to it. Even though it would make the situation SO much better, I just hate to see it. 

I should have cried like my family pet just died at one point in this book, but I didn't. I'm trying to keep my hope up.

Thank goodness I have the next book already. If I had to wait a whole year for the next book, or even six months, someone would be hurtin!

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